Flexi-StiX, LLC

A Consulting and Marketing company in the broad field of fiber reinforced composite materials and applications.  Founded by Gordon Brown in 2003 to promote the development of composite based ‘flexible’ and variable resistance exercise technology and equipment, the business has grown and broadened its scope to include consulting for clients in other fields. Examples of some programs/products where Gordon made significant contributions:

  • The ‘NEW’ flexible Tsunami Barbell™(US Pat. # 7,951,051 and other patents pending) will take your Strength and Conditioning program to a ‘NEW’ level.  See video and ordering information at www.tsunamibarbell.com
  • Body Bar Flex® variable resistant exercise devices.
  • Ballistic resistant material systems and application development (X-FLEX®)
  • Concrete reinforcement (C-Grid®) with carbon fiber/thermoset resin grid technology
  • Asphalt road reinforcement material systems to mitigate reflective cracking
  • Continuous fiber reinforced PVC extrusion applications
  • Glass fiber/epoxy ‘grids’ for Seismic Retrofit of under-reinforced masonry/brick walls.
  • Composite processes including a) Pultrusion and b) Filament Winding
  • Out of the box ‘thinking’ analysis for broadening of company’s product lines

Glass fiber/epoxy ‘grids’ for Seismic Retrofit of under-reinforced masonry/brick walls.

Tsunami Barbell™ at Virginia Tech’s
Strength & Conditioning facility


Gordon holds over 25 US and foreign patents covering a broad spectrum of technology with a focus in the fields of textiles and composite materials.  In the field of ‘exercise science’ a noteworthy patent is 7,951,051 Variable Resistant Exercise Device.  This patent protects both the Body Bar Flex® (http://www.bodybar.com/) and the ‘NEW’ Tsunami Barbell flexible barbell (http://www.tsunamibarbell.com/).  The Tsunami Barbell™ is a ‘game changer’ in the field of Strength and Conditioning of athletes allowing an athlete to enhance their Power.  The below photo shows an individual practicing one of the claims as granted in this US Patent for building abdominal strength in a more effective manner using the Body Bar Flex®.  The use of the Body Bar Flex allows additional resistance to be focused on the abdominal muscles plus variable positioning of the bar allows one to target all the abdominal muscles for strengthening  and focused sculpting.  In 2007, Body Bar Flex™ received the ION® Sports Product of the Year Award for Personal Training Aid of the Year reflecting its broad use for those just beginning an exercise program to elite athletes.  Persons that participate in golf, tennis, baseball, basketball or swimming may find the broad range of ‘exercises and stretches’ enhances their ability to play their particular sport.  The Body Bar Flex® and the Tsunami Barbell™ offer innovative and enhanced training methods to increase your flexibility, speed, strength and Power.

The flexible bar is 48 inches in length and weighs just 2 pounds but delivers about 20 pounds of resistance when bent into a ‘U’ shape.  A ‘Power’ version is available giving about 40 pounds of resistance but weighing just a little more. And a 54” long Collegiate ‘Power’ bar is also available for the serious athlete.

Gordon is a retired Captain in the US Navy with an Intelligence specialty.  He has worked for large and small companies including Owens Corning, Strongwell, Hexcel, TechFab LLC, Precision Fiberglass and Glasforms Inc.  Contact Gordon at:

Flexi-StiX, LLC.

P.O. Box 5391
Anderson, SC 29623
(864) 221-5970